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Man City vs Watford LIVE scores and goals as Rodri renews two-goal lead after Gabriel Jesus rises

Manchester City aims to increase its lead at the top of the Premier League by welcoming Watford to Etihad Stadium.

The Blues are currently fighting for the title point ahead of Liverpool, and with the Anfield team in action in Sunday’s Merseyside derby, City could put pressure on them by winning by four points.

City is waiting for news of the availability of John Stones and Nathan Ake after they both limped out of mid-week victory against Brighton. while Kyle Walker will definitely be missing.

The guests are deeply downhill, have seven points in safety and only eight matches left.

Follow all our updates, analyzes and responses from Etihad Stadium below.

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HT – City 3-1 Watford, Joe Bray


Gabriel Jesus has two goals and an assistance, because City took a healthy lead 3: 1 in the half.

Rodri of Manchester City celebrates

45 ‘- City 3-1 Watford, Joe Bray

Added two minutes

Both sides are looking for a goal until the break.

44 ‘- City 3-1 Watford, Joe Bray

Pep is not happy

The three City defenders just past Pep Guardiola missed a high ball and the rebound allowed Emmanuel Dennis space to run. Fortunately, the flag was raised for offside, but Guardiola was clearly angry with his players for letting the attacker in.

43 ‘- City 3-1 Watford, Joe Bray

Cancelo reserved

Joao Cancelo catches Tom Cleverley late and goes to the book.

37 ‘- City 3-1 Watford, Joe Bray

There should be four!

Gabriel Jesus kept the home side in the game with a magnificent save when Raheem Sterling delivered an almost perfect free kick to the far post. But he leans back and shoots well.

33 ‘- City 3-1 WatfordKEY EVENT

Rodri scores!

What an end !!

Kevin De Bruyne is down after a late challenge, but Gabriel Jesus keeps it alive well on the right. When he walked over to Rodrimo outside the age of 16, the Spaniard passed De Bruyne, knocked it down with his chest and shot into the corner for the first time. Stunning goal.

27 ‘- City 2-1 WatfordKEY EVENT

GOAL – Watford score

The city is cut and Hassane Kamara shoots into the bottom corner. Could Ederson have done better?

26 ‘- City 2-0 WatfordStuart Brennan

Jesus speaks on the field

There is a lot of talk this week about Jesus leaving this summer, and this is no big surprise given his lack of opportunities and the likely arrival of the famous striker plus Julian Alvarez.

But he has the last big impression of this title fight with two quick goals – ironically, he didn’t do enough.

Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City

22 ‘- City 2-0 WatfordKEY EVENT

GOAL – Jesus again!

Gabriel Jesus is heading well, but this goal is only about assistance. Kevin De Bruyne swung in a good chance from the right, but the visitors’ defense were able to clear the ball.

20 ‘- City 1-0 Watford, Joe Bray

Watford wants a penalty

In Boxing City, there is a handball shout against Rodrigo as he blocks Dennis’ center from falling to the ground, but nothing is given and no VAR control.

16 ‘- City 1-0 WatfordStuart Brennan

More credit for Zinc

Zincenko’s defensive abilities have been under scrutiny since he started playing the left defender and did not always pass this control.

But this attempt to stop Dennis from what looked like one-on-one with Ederson was exceptional – he worked hard on this side of his game, and at this important moment, it paid off.

15 ‘- City 1-0 Watford, Joe Bray

Almost a second

Ben Foster fired Joao Cancela. And then he sticks out his leg to turn Gabriel Jesus’ cross away from his blue shirt.

12 ‘- City 1-0 Watford, Joe Bray

Zinc is doing great

Joao Cancelo is expropriated in the center and Emmanuel Dennis is free. Aleks Zinchenko slipped in from behind and got rid of him when he wanted to shoot.

9 ‘- City 1-0 Watford, Joe Bray

Corner town

Joao Cancelo searches for Sterling and Jesus on the six-yard line and waits for him to knock in, but is cleared to the corner.

5 ‘- City 1-0 WatfordJoe Bray

Singing Blues

City fans sing the Blues and refer to a certain defeat of United at noon. No sign of nervousness on Wednesday.

5 ‘- City 1-0 WatfordJoe Bray

Singing Blues

City fans sing the Blues and refer to a certain defeat of United at noon. No sign of nervousness on Wednesday.

4 ‘- City 1-0 WatfordKEY EVENT

GOAL – Jesus scores!

Cancel’s cross was above all, but Zincenko keeps him alive and its low center is struck by Jesus.

3 ‘- City 0-0 WatfordJoe Bray

Premature stop

Ismaila Sarr comes on to the ground when Aleks Zinchenko catches him near the corner flag. It was random, but high on the back of the thigh. Sarr was offside, so no direct kick, but it took him a few minutes to get to his feet.

1 ‘- City 0-0 WatfordJoe Bray

Early formation

It looks like Gabriel Jesus on the right, Raheem Sterling on the left and Jack Grealish in the middle.

Rodri holds the center of the field and Fernandinho just in front of him.

1 ‘- City 0-0 WatfordJoe Bray


The players take the knee and let’s go.

14:56 Joe Bray

The teams are out

When the players leave, Etihad has a good voice.

14:43 Joe Bray

U18 is approaching the title

Dissatisfied with the Premier League 2 title, the U18 can win their northern division in the Premier League U18 next Saturday against Newcastle after today’s big 7: 1 win.

The youngsters have seven points ahead of Liverpool and have three games left and could even win without kicking another ball, as Liverpool are playing on Tuesday afternoon. Lose to Forest and the name is City’s. A draw and the City would only need a point against Newcastle.

If they pack the North Division, they will face the Southern League winners – probably either Southampton or West Ham – and will be crowned the U18 national winner.

14:33 Joe Bray

Warming up

Etihad begins to fill up in a rare Saturday kick-off at 3pm here. City substitutes are just passing the ball and Nathan Ake seems to be running smoothly.

CJ Egan-Riley is the only substitute with starters who pass balls in a few small exercises, probably to compile numbers.

14:19 Joe Bray

Bernardo was resting

It could be important that Bernardo Silva is on the bench and it’s Real Madrid’s turn. Guardiola could not take the defense much, but gave Bernard and Ilkay Gundogan a break from Kevin De Bruyn. It’s probably fair to assume that the two will start on Tuesday, as does Phil Foden, who is also a substitute today.

MADRID, SPAIN – FEBRUARY 26: Federico Valverde of Real Madrid battle for the ball with Ilkay Gundogan of Manchester City during the 16th round of the UEFA Champions League between Real Madrid and Manchester City at the Bernabeu on February 26, 2020 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Diego Souto / Quality Sport Images / Getty Images)

14:12 Joe Bray

Charged 24 hours for three players

Cole Palmer played 45 minutes for U23 last night and Luke Mbete played a full 90. They are both on the bench with CJ Egan-Riley, who was in Leeds but not on the team.

It is a proof of reality for them that even if they sealed their academic degree less than 24 hours ago, the first team always comes first. Not that they complain about the Premier League team’s further involvement.

Luke Mbete

14:05 Stuart Brennan

How will Fernandinho be used?

It will be interesting to see how Pep Guardiola uses Fernandinha today – of course he was a box to box midfielder long before he settled in a defensive role.

His inclusion allows Gundogan and Bernard to get some rest in front of Real Madrid on Tuesday, and we can expect De Bruyne to leave reasonably soon, especially if City can create a winning lead.


City team reports confirmed

He starts for Fernandinh and Rodri in the middle of the advance, Jack Grealish in front.

13:49 Joe Bray

Watch the incoming players