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LIVE – Presidential results: Emmanuel Macron re-elected with 58% of the vote

Jean-Yves Le Drian of Emmanuel Macron’s headquarters on the Champ de Mars expresses his “great satisfaction”: “It is above all the power of mobilizing the French to maintain our values ​​and the fact that the French do not want a shrinking France.”

Will Emmanuel Macron benefit from the momentum? “He always had, he had a record, a project, and then the third element is that the far right didn’t take over the country,” welcomes Eric Dupont-Moretti. And then there are the parliamentary elections, some of which have already started campaigning before the second round. The visibly moved Minister of Justice says “to be happy, because this is the first time that the outgoing president has been re-elected under these conditions, by a general vote, without coexistence.”

Secretary of State Clément Beaune, who is in charge of European affairs, is also being questioned at the France 2 microphone: “There is joy, satisfaction, there is a political struggle against the far right, it is a clear victory, a significant gap. But it also means that we will have to continue working to bring the country together when we see the extreme right at more than 40%. “