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Kyiv repels “numerous attacks” along the Donbas contact line

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised in an orthodox Easter message on Sunday that no “malice” would destroy the country.

Zelensky, standing inside one of the country’s most famous landmarks, the 1,000-year-old St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, said in a video speech that Ukraine would overcome the darkness brought to it by the war.

“Today we still believe in Ukraine’s new victory and we all believe that no horde or wickedness will destroy us,” Zelensky said in his typical dark khaki outfit.

“We are overcoming dark times and on this day I – and most of us – are not in light clothes, but we are fighting for a light idea.”

On Sunday, exactly two months after the start of the Russian invasion, there were muted Easter celebrations across the country.

Zelensky added: “Give every boy and girl a happy childhood, youth and old age that will allow them to get rid of the memories of their terrible childhood during the war.”