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Katherine Deves breaks the silence and promises a subtle debate

“There is a conflict of rights on this issue and the voices of women and girls have not yet been heard. And when there is a conflict of rights in liberal democracies, we discuss them in a sensible, moderate way – that should have happened here, “she said.

The lawyer and mother of three is trying to get back the formally blue ribbon of Warringah’s headquarters on the northern beaches by Zali Steggall, who defeated Tony Abbott in 2019.

Co-founder of the Save Women’s Sport Deves lobby group previously condemned surrogacy as a “human rights violation.”

Deves was chosen as captain for the position in a three-member committee of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet and former party chairwoman Christine McDiven.

Morrison tried to portray the Deves as a women’s rights activist.


“She is a woman who advocates for women and girls and their approach to fair sports in this country,” he said. “I will not allow her to be silenced.”

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews told reporters on Sunday that in his 20 years in parliament, the school community had never come to him to discuss transgender girls in sports.

He said that trans children were 15 times more likely to self-harm and that the debate did no good to young trans people.

“Is this the biggest problem in our country today? I think not. And I think it would only be enforced by desperate people who are engaged in wedge politics and who are trying to avert the fact that they have been in power for almost ten years and have done exactly nothing about it. “

Deves has remained low and avoided the media several times since her comments provoked controversy. On Friday evening, she appeared only at a speech event, provided that the media were not present.

Deves said she believed she had a good chance of getting a seat and denied playing with her.

“If there are other mechanisms in play.” I don’t know about them, “she said.

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