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Jean-Michel Aulas “very sad from the attitude of the supporters” OL against Montpellier

Jean-Michel Aulas, President of OL: “I am very sad about the approach of the fans, because our team knew how to win a match that was not so simple. It’s an important victory and a match that ends well for OL. The reaction of a small section of the public is regrettable. I hit the microphone to tell them to stop insulting the players. Supporters incur arrival costs, but this does not give them full rights. […] If it were to continue, I’d rather leave. It’s not football. »

Moussa Dembélé, forward OL: “The attitude of the fans towards us is a big disappointment. They are here to support and motivate us. This year we were very hurt by losing a point and falling on the green carpet in the Coupe de France. It is disappointing to have such people on the football field. »

Peter Bosz (Lyon coach): “We scored some great goals. We will try to win all the matches as today against Montpellier. We had to get our heads back in half. We played well with great energy in the second half. I am proud of my players. Eleven goals in two consecutive matches at home “It’s good, but our opponent had an open style, so to speak. As for the fans’ approach to Karel Toko Ekambi, I don’t understand that and I’m not the only one in the stadium.”