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Japan: Seven people missing from a cruise ship off the coast of Japan – but it’s not clear if they survived World news

Seven of the 26 people on board the missing cruise ship in Japan were found – but the country’s Coast Guard could not confirm whether any of them were alive.

Rescuers found four people on Sunday near the tip of the Shiretoko Peninsula on the northern island of Hokkaido, and a few hours later three more people in the same area.

Image: Rescue helicopters found seven out of 26 people from a cruise ship missing in northern Japan, but their conditions are unknown

This location is known as a difficult place for maneuvering boats due to the rocky coast.

Last year, the same cruise ship, the 19-ton Kazu 1, had an accident there.

The ship, with 24 passengers, including two children and two crew members, disappeared after it made an emergency call on Saturday, picking up water and starting to dive.

Image: A sightseeing boat traveled off the west coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula on the northern island of Hokkaido. Image: AP

The crew said the people on board were wearing life jackets and the ship was tilted at a 30-degree angle.

Sunday’s rescue came after almost 19 hours of intensive search, which was attended by six patrol boats, several planes and divers. The Coast Guard said the search continued throughout the night.

High waves and strong winds were visible in the area around 12:00 on Saturday, the local fishing team said.

Local media reported that the fishing boats returned to the port before noon due to bad weather.

The public station NHK stated that there is a warning against waves up to three meters high (almost 10 feet).

Yoshihiko Yamada, a professor of marine sciences at Tokai University, said the ship probably ran aground after being scattered by high waves, then damaged and flooded before it probably sank.

The academic also said that there was little chance that the ship could be hit by a whale.

The operator’s website said the tour lasted about three hours and offered scenic views of the peninsula’s west coast, including animals such as whales, dolphins and brown bears.