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Ireland Baldwin takes the side of Johnny Depp amid his high profile defamation case against former Amber Heard

Ireland Baldwin criticized Amber Heard, calling it a “disaster of the human being” because the high-profile case of slander between Heard and Johnny Depp continues.

In her Instagram stories, the 26-year-old model and daughter Alex Baldwin and Kim Basinger accused Heard of posing as a victim and turning people against Depp – whom Heard married in 2015 before their breakup two years later.

Ireland released a tweet screenshot that contained a video of Depp sitting in the stands while a sound clip was played in which Heard admitted that he had hit him.

Camera Icon Ireland Baldwin takes the side of Johnny Depp. Credit: Instagram / Instagram

“The point is, I know women who are just like that. “They are manipulative and cold, and they use their true femininity to sacrifice and turn the world against men, because we live in a society where it’s cool to say that men are the worst and blah blah f ** bites,” Baldwin wrote.

“Men can also experience abuse, and this absolute catastrophe of the human being is a terrible person, and I hope Johnny regains his reputation and life.” And I hope it will be in five Pirate movies. “

Badlwin also released TikTok – originally posted by j4jdeppotato, which has been viewed almost 4 million times – by someone who uncovers Milani’s All In One Correcting Kit, which Heard claimed to have used it to cover up alleged injuries.

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However, the makeup company itself seems to refute this claim by stating in the now viral TikTok that the product was not released until the relationship between Depp and Heard was terminated.

“You asked us … to have the record show that our fix pack was launched in 2017,” the company described a video featuring an employee of Milan, pointing to a PowerPoint presentation stating the release date.

The video sparked Internet frenzy as Depp fans flocked to a commentary section in support of the Pirate of the Caribbean actor.

Camera icon Actor Johnny Depp testifies at Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia. Credit: Jim Lo Scalzo / AP

The lawsuit began after Depp claimed his film career had suffered after Heard wrote an op-ed article in The Washington Post in 2018, prompting his lawsuit against Heard for defamation.

Heard never mentioned Depp on behalf of the article, but Depp’s lawyers said it was a clear reference to the allegations Heard made when he demanded a restraining order in 2016.

Depp is seeking compensation of at least $ 50 million and a repressive fee of at least $ 350,000, along with legal fees and court costs.