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Instagram Reels test templates

Instagram is testing a new tool that makes creating Reels even easier.

According to Business Insider, the platform allows a small group of creators to test templates that allow people to use the same format as other videos for their own reels.

“We’re constantly working on new ways to simplify disc creation. We’re testing the ability for you to create a disc using an existing template from another disc,” A Meta spokesman told TechCrunch in an email. Instagram did not respond immediately to a request for a comment from Mashable.

Marketing manager and influencer Josephine Hill tested the position in March, according to a screenshot she posted on Twitter.

“One thing I was looking for, especially with Instagram Reels, was something like TikTok audio sync, where the clips fit perfectly to the beat of the music,” Hill told Business Insider. Templates seem to do it.

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It looks exactly the way you think: Instagram presets times that suit a song or other trend in the app, and users can attach their own photos or videos to match.

This is just one of many examples Instagram copies features that are already on TikTok – The second platform has TikTok templates that allow people to upload their photos to a preset format. Instagram templates seem quite similar.

This is probably another attempt to get users to switch from TikTok and Reels, reported Verge. It comes a year after Instagram said it would reduce the role of the TikTok watermark disc to try to stop TikTok reposts.