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Here are the Battle Pass rewards in CoD: Mobile Season 4

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Mobile, called Wild Dogs, is scheduled to begin on April 27 at 7 p.m. In addition to new maps, modes and other features, the desert-themed season brings a new Battle Pass with exciting rewards.

The Battle Pass will have two variants: a free version and a Premium Pass, which costs 220 CP. The Premium Pass contains 50 levels and offers better rewards at each level. Players can advance through levels through Battle Pass XP, which can be obtained by completing missions and playing multiplayer and battle royale games.

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Here are the rewards in CoD: Mobile’s fourth season of Battle Pass.

Image via Activision

Free Battle Pass

Through BP, players can unlock two new features coming to CoD: Mobile for free in the fourth season. The Koshka contact grenade and sniper rifle will be available at levels 14 and 21.

Other free rewards include camouflage items Green Rust and Sand Trucks.

Premium Pass

Premium Pass has a lot of operators and plans that players can unlock. In addition, other camouflage, emoticons and more will be available in the Pass.

  • Operators
    • Farah – Desert Sentinel
    • Spirit – revelation
    • Pink – sand dune
  • Roach
    • Weapon plans
    • AS VAL – Heat shield
    • Swordfish – arid shroud
    • QXR – Sandpike
    • Koshka – shot from the skiff

The CoD: Mobile season lasts approximately a month, so players will have time to advance through all 50 levels of Battle Pass and unlock all rewards by the end of May.