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Heavy rain in Imola again!



Drivers apparently test both mixtures. Many first rode their tires in the rain, but then returned to the pits to obtain intermediate products. That is allowed.

Hamilton was just in the range next to the track, but there is still no “real” departure.


Pretty wet

It’s not raining, but we can say the track is still damn wet. Almost everyone rides in full tires in the rain. But we also see some pilots in the middle. Nobody has left yet …


Pit lane opens

Only 40 minutes to go, which means that the pit lane is now open. The riders now have ten minutes to get to the starting grid.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everyone can get there. It would not be the first time the rider had flown out of the wet track before the start …


Drivers threaten “spiral of misfortune”

That’s what Dave Robson of Williams says about the difficult conditions in Imola. He says drivers could be thrown right into a “spiral of misfortune” if they switched to smooth tires too soon.

Find out what he means here!


Short weather update

The prognosis was correct. The rain stopped for a while. But as a reminder: It could start again. And at the moment it’s so wet that the track probably won’t dry anyway before the start.


Who has more pressure?

Verstappen must catch up with the World Cup, but Leclerc hopes for a home victory for Ferrari. Who has more pressure? “The biggest pressure is on Charles,” Nico Rosberg believes. In ‘Sky’ he explains that Verstappen “has nothing to lose” today.

But we’ll see if a race is decided between them. Due to the rain we could also experience one or the other surprise!


weather forecast

Currently, it looks like the rain will withdraw from the track in the next half hour. But: More showers might follow. It could also rain again in the second half of the race.

Dry running seems very unlikely at this point. Thanks to meteorologist Steffen Dietz for this information!