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Hamburg concludes partnership agreement with Kiev – Mayor Tschentscher: “We will help you!” | Regional

Hamburg / Kyiv – It was words from the abyss of a brutal war – “We will never forget your friendship.”

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko (50) addressed all Hamburgers spoke.

Together with his Hanseatic colleague Peter Tschentscher (56, SPD), the former boxing champion signed the first strategic partnership between the German capital and the Ukrainian capital on Sunday.

It should be an agreement between friends. And a sign against Putin’s treacherous offensive war against the country.

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Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher (56, SPD) presents the signed contract

Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa

Loop in his office in Kiev, Tschentscher in Kaisersaal City Hall. Connected via the Internet. Tschentscher: “Vitali, can you hear us? How are you?”

The handle looks tired, exhausted. What he says is terrible: new mass graves in the suburbs of Bucha, missiles in Odessa, bombed-out houses in Kiev. “It is a tragedy for the whole of Europe. The Europe we belong to. “

And further: “This initiative, this pact is important. It’s about life and death. “

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Hamburg’s economy is ready, says Chamber of Commerce President Norbert Aust (79). The new partnership pact already includes six companies, including Budni, Rewe and Haspa. Everyone collects, donates, delivers – even the trail mixture and the much-needed water in plastic bottles.

Mayor Tschentscher sums up: “Vitali, we will help you with the reconstruction now.”

Klitschko: “Thank you. Thanks to Hamburg – my second hometown. “

Hamburg Ballet School accepts Ukrainian children

Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa

Hamburg – Art can also be home.

The ballet school of star choreographer John Neumeier (83) accepted ten Ukrainian children (6 to 13). Others could follow, funded by the Hamburg Ballet Association of Friends.

Some of the children live in a boarding school. Like Masha (13) from Kiev. Her parents and brother traveled to Spain. Máša: “Only here is such a good ballet school. That’s why I really wanted to stay here. “

The Neumeier Institute trains 146 students from 33 countries on Caspar-Vogt-Strasse.

Advantage: the ballet language is the same all over the world – French.