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Google Pixel Watch: Exclusive leaked images seem to show Google’s first smart watch

What do you need to know

  • A source who sent pictures to Android Central said that what could be Pixel Watch was left and found in a restaurant in the US
  • The pictures of what could be a watch seem to correspond to many rumors that have escaped, including a minimalist design, a crown and a potential hidden button.
  • The watch appears to have Google’s proprietary straps.
  • We don’t know what charging will look like because the watch does not come with a charger.

The Google Pixel Watch was apparently left and found in a restaurant in the US, and the images sent by the source to Android Central look like Google’s first smart watch.

Android Central checked the images of the watch, which could be announced during Google I / O next month. It is possible that the watch itself could be released together with Pixel 7.

A source we left anonymous to protect his identity said the watch, which could be a “test model for the Internal Pixel team,” was found in a restaurant. The source asked Android Central not to publish their name or restaurant name, including location, to protect their work.

The leak is very reminiscent when Gizmodo reported on a prototype iPhone 4, which was lost and found in a bar. The phone was disguised to look like an iPhone 3GS.

If the pictures are real, this is the first time we’ve seen the famous watch nicknamed “Rohan”. 9to5Google has found code hidden in a Google update that suggests that Pixel Watch will use the Exynos chipset, not the Snapdragon model found in most Wear OS 3 watches.

The watches in our pictures look almost identical to the leaks of the announced rendered pictures. It has a minimalist design and matches what the leaks indicated that the screen has almost no frames. The picture also confirms one of the famous colors in which the watch will come: black.

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(Image credit: reader included)

(Image credit: reader included)

Previous rumors indicated that the watch would have a rotating crown and potentially two hidden buttons.

(Image credit: reader included)

It’s a little hard to tell from the picture above, but if it’s the famous watch, there’s definitely at least one button next to the crown.

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Looking at the pictures above, the watch strap appears to be a patented Google strap and looks very similar to the jelly Apple Watch sports strap. This could mean that we could see many more colors. It also seems to attach directly to the watch case.

This can make it harder to change watch straps, especially when most other high-end smart watches for Android provide more room for standard types of straps.

There was no charger left with the watch, but it is possible that the watch could be charged from the back of the watch case. This also charges the Versbit 3 and Sense smart watches from Fitbit (Fitbit is owned by Google) and the Apple Watch.

The source said that the lower part “looks metallic, but looks like it is covered with glass”.

(Image credit: reader included)

(Image credit: reader included)

In this particular image, shown above, we can see what looks like spikes in one of the band slots. It is possible that this is only a technical sample used for testing and will not be available in the production release.

We can’t be sure, but the watch could also have a Qi standard that allows wireless charging.

Because the watch didn’t have a charger, we can’t be sure what’s going on inside.

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The source said that nothing happened behind the boot logo when they tried to turn it on, which you can see in the image above. This probably means that no operating system is yet installed on the watch.

We know that Google will use the new Wear OS 3 developed in conjunction with Samsung, but we could also expect Google to insert its own pixel-style pixel into the software.

The last thing to note is the unknown regions in which Google plans to launch the watch, but it is possible that this will include North America, Canada and the EU.

(Image credit: reader included)

In this picture, a small note at the bottom of the box means: “This equipment has not been authorized as required by the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada, nor has it been tested for compliance with EU regulations.”

It also notes that this model is “for internal testing and development only” and that “labeling and packaging are not final”.

Android Central has blurred parts of this box for privacy reasons.