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Fremantle coach Justin Longmuir spoke to the media after the match …

Question: The pressure exerted by small attackers, talk about its importance and how you plan the result? Answer: It’s part of who we are. They were adamant. With their pressure. We do not rely on one or two players under our pressure. When it’s the turn of a certain player to hunt a man, they do it. And probably the most impressive is the second and third attempts at harassment and harassment. And grab a fingernail. Cause a kick. Under pressure. They bought into it. And it really helps us. Lock the ball in the front half and get the ball back from the turn.

Question: We saw Sean Darcy with that unwanted shoe on his head and I assume it’s the incident that caused the concussion and how much it is? A: Obviously he’s shaken. He went to the logs. Next week will be missing. That’s all I can say at this point.

Q: And Rory Lobb seems to be doing well in this role as a striker and also taking on a role in Russia and enticing you to play him as the only Ruckman next week? What do you think about it? A: Probably not. He is as important to us as the attacker. Although he probably didn’t hit the scoreboard the way he wanted, the competition he was showing really impressed us. And this competition to bring the ball to the ground is really important because it allows us to work at ground level. Without this strong competition in the front line, the small attackers cannot push. Was great.

A: At 5-1, hope is now building. It is getting bigger and bigger. how do you solve it? Do you accept it? How to do it? Answer: You have to enjoy the journey … enjoy the win and we will move on at the right time. It was really impressive with the maturity of the group. Their ability to come to work on Monday, learn, repeat and move on was first-class. It is no different. We have a big challenge next week.

Q: Do you feel it’s your best win of the season when you have a scalp in the top eight? A: Probably. As a coach, you do not evaluate your winnings. You’re just trying to improve. I thought we improved our operation. The last few weeks. I think we had a bit of a messy week with some COVID issues. Players train independently. I thought we did it really well. And he thinks we were proud of the Fremantle family. We were also proud of this opportunity. This is a proud day of our club year. In calendar. I thought our players played accordingly.

A: You said you wanted to put the defense together and play regularly. To make a few changes, how did you feel you had to replace these people in a short time? And good. Griffin is obviously in good shape. I thought he played his part. And Aish, he’s kind of Mr. Fix It. He can play anywhere on earth. He missed a lot of the pre-season. Get in as much fitness as we brought him to the party. He played in the middle, the wing and now back. 4-5 matches back. It’s a bit Mr Fix It and it’s reliable. We’ll put him anywhere. Quite seamless. It was quite hassle-free. Many players in good shape. We feel that they can advance to the AFL level. It pleased him.

Question: At what point of the week this week does Chapman get out of isolation? Do you expect to take him to Geelong? A: We’ll wait and see. This is case by case. How they are based on health and safety protocols. I think they will be released on Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe Thursday. We’ll have to wait and see. When we travel. As they pull up. We will contact you later in the week.

Q: Do you know when you are flying at this stage? A: Thursday. We always fly three days in advance. Thursday.

Question: Maybe they’re cutting it a little. A: We’ll see, man. Grab it later in the week.

Question: No worries. As for COVID in general, do you feel that you have avoided it? Are you still on alert, could there be another spread this week? How do you approach it? Answer: We are constantly on alert. Always take the maximum possible measures. This means continuing to separate the groups. We have to do what we have to do. We just think that our players, coaches and staff can handle it really well. The last thing we want to do is lose a few players in one week. It’s too disruptive. We will continue to handle it the way we did it and keep our fingers crossed. And hope it disappears.

Question: No worries. Can you explain what it means to keep a group separate? How it looks when it comes to training and things like that. A: It is known quite a bit that there are a lot of COVIDs in WAFL teams at the moment. The first step is to separate the Peel and AFL teams at the beginning of the week. And then do as much as possible in smaller groups. And avoid having the whole team in big meetings. Inside. Quite simple straightforward things. But it takes real application and sophistication from the gaming group to handle these situations. We have to work really hard to make sure we don’t get too involved and everyone feels they’re contributing. Just the steps you need to take. In the modern AFL.

A: Just back to your little attackers, Taberner, seven goals last week and then one today, the little attackers have taken the lead a bit, so you have to be so pleased with the offensive weapons you have at the moment. Yes. Absolutely. We told all the attackers, with Jaymi Graham, be dangerous and be a threat in the front line. And they buy balls on both sides. What happens as an attacker when you engage in the game’s defenses, pressure, and overall team defense often creates opportunities for you to attack. This will keep you involved in the game. All our little attackers and attackers in general are still involved in the game. This creates offensive opportunities for them. They are a group, an eclectic group. They want to do it together. They understand who licks the ice cream from an offensive point of view, which can change week by week. All six of them need to buy what we do defensively. They are doing really well.

Q: Michael Walters, we know he wasn’t in shape but he wasn’t able to finish, so it was nice to see he got a pair today and the other goal was old Walters. A: It was. Every time someone asks me, I say that I firmly believe that he is in good shape. He just didn’t finish his work. Put the icing on the cake, so to speak. We are really proud of our game group. When they went around him after that set shot. They know what he’s going through. And the intense pressure he is exposed to from the outside. I thought it was a really important moment of the year. I thought it showed a really good connection within the playing group. A real understanding of what individuals are going through. It’s great to see Sonny Walters getting rewarded tonight.

Question: A few words about Alex Pearce. He held McKay with one goal and a few touches, and today seemed like a great job. A: Yes. He does a great job every week. He’s missed so much in the last few years, so it’s good to see and gain continuity in his games. And he’s doing well, he’s getting better and better every week. Some of the key attackers today are massive units – well over 200 cm. Its size allows them to be competitive and compete with those guys. Super proud not only for his performance on the field, but also for his leadership and he was our captain when he played this year. He does a really good job of bringing the group closer together. And group leadership. He’s fine.