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“France is not ideal, but we still quite live there”

“In principle, the vote should be clear. In practice, we are curious about what will change, ”says a retired teacher at Nemours

Nemours, in Gâtinais, extremely south of the Seine-et-Marne, on the outskirts of Loing. Its medieval castle, its half-timbered houses, the carillon of Saint-Jean-Baptiste … L’Ecu de France’s terrace is crowded this Sunday, we drink our little white wine with friends and share the best tips to reduce the price of fuel – “I ride ethanol , 75 cents per liter, I had a box mounted on ‘black’ for 300 euros, it will pay off fast! »- and his best jokes -« Me, I didn’t see the price of diesel, I always gave for 50 euros! “, General merriment.

Natacha Sergent, 42, had just voted for Marine Le Pen in polling station number 1 in Nemours, Seine-et-Marne, during the second round of the presidential election, April 24, 2022. MARLENE AWAAD / IP3 FOR “THE WORLD”

A few hundred meters away, polling station number 1, at City Hall. She comes out, very dressed, Natacha Sergent, 42, who runs a beauty salon in Fontainebleau. Valérie Pécresse’s voter in the first round, ahead of François Fillon and Nicolas Sarkozy, who calls Les Républicains her political family at heart, voted “for a change,” she explains, squeezing two years into the crisis. Health: They say they helped us, but that’s not true. I was only entitled to EUR 1500 from the Solidarity Fund, no more because I was in arrears for VAT. I had to take out a state-guaranteed loan of 30,000 euros, which I have to repay, as well as Urssaf 2020, which we were able to defer. We little ones are not listening. There is only big business in this country! So I’m trying Marine Le Pen, we’ll see, we won’t [lui] he never left [sa] chance! »

Agnès Chapuis, a retired teacher, first hesitates to answer the following question: “Was it easy to decide to vote? “Pffff, in principle, the vote should go without saying. In practice, one wonders what will change to make this voting gesture. So it doesn’t end there. We need to ask ourselves how we can act every day. Not by protest, but by something deeper, for example in all our civil actions, our association commitments. Anything that makes a connection, anything that leads to thinking, ”he explains, choosing his words carefully. But saying the name of the candidate she chose hurts. “I assume this vote, but it is not satisfactory. During this campaign, we missed so many topics: health, ecology, social justice, active, participatory democracy. Everything that arises for us as a society, as a humanity… “

Polling booth number 1 in Nemours, Seine-et-Marne, April 24, 2022. MARLENE AWAAD / IP3 FOR THE “WORLD”

In the middle of the afternoon, Antonin Belo (23) and his friend Laëtitia (22) are having a picnic with McDonald’s nuggets on the banks of the Loing. A young woman who arrived in France 2 years ago does not vote because she only has Portuguese nationality. He hesitates to go to the polls. Laziness. “I just finished work,” said the receptionist in the sports hall. There will certainly be a queue in my polling station, I don’t want to waste time waiting, especially for candidates who don’t even represent me. »

Antonín Belo, 23, on the banks of the Loing, in Nemours, during the second round of the presidential election, April 24, 2022. MARLENE AWAAD / IP3 FOR “WORLD” Aline Leclerc