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for internet users, Croco voluntarily confuses tracks

Screenshot of TF1 direct / Mask Singer

This Friday, April 22, 2022, new tracks on the identity of the celebrity of the season were revealed to spectators and investigators at Mask Singer on TF1. But the one hiding under the crocodile remains very mysterious. The Twittos are sure: between a false accent and a modified voice, “Croco” is deliberately leading to the wrong tracks …

The fourth episode of the new season “Mask Singer” was broadcast this Friday, April 22, 2022 on TF1. After the departure of comedian Pierre Palmade and Miss France Commission Director Sylvie Tellier last week, who were reciprocally in astronaut and Chameleon costumes, six characters were still on the course. During this prime time, introduced by Camille Combal, the novelty of the season was introduced: another celebrity hidden under a gorilla costume came to try to advance the investigation.

The main task of the jury was to carry out an express investigation to reveal his identity. Very quickly, thanks to various hints such as lipstick, mention of her comedian’s work, etc., the jury revealed her thanks to her performance in Lio’s “Banana Split”: it was Anne Roumanoff.

The comedian could then support Anggun, Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams and Jarry, who are still trying to find out who embodies a tree, a banana or even a butterfly. If some of the characters remaining in the race inspire the jurors, such as the butterfly, in which they imagine the dancer Denitsa Ikonomová, or the deer, under which, among other things, they believe in guessing Laurent Ournac, others leave them very questioning. This is the case with a banana, for which they have not yet been able to estimate the activity that made it famous. Or the crocodile: if the name Mika was presented by a jury (after a few bonuses) and twittos (faster), new clues came that raised doubts. In addition to the helmet on his suit, the crocodile revealed that he had not only found friends in the sports world, and spoke of “beating in public.” What worried the investigators.

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His singing performance as Pascal Obispo didn’t help them either: the mysterious celebrity had, as usual, a small English accent. A peculiarity that some on the site and on Twitter considered “forced”, which led them to the impersonator.

Others remained convinced that it was Mika, a singer who had grown up in England. A star who, according to them, tends to confuse the issue by “holding back” the voice and not climbing to the heights as best he can. Goal: to keep his identity uncertain for as long as possible. And it works perfectly! Mika or not Mika? On twitter, the case of the crocodile is huge.

We’ll have to wait at least another week to find out who’s right. Meanwhile, the audience could reveal who was hiding under the pig’s costume: it was chef Yves Camdeborde.