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“Fever, Mr. Lindner?”

FDP leader Christian Lindner, who suffers from the corona, sparked a debate on his health through his speech at the Liberal Party conference through the Washington connection. On Saturday, many people wondered how fit or sick he really was.

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The fact that about 660 delegates sat close to each other in the hall in Berlin and without masks was also widely criticized. Lindner himself said he had only mild symptoms.

“I just saw Lindner at a federal party conference. Totally sweaty and visibly battered. But you shouldn’t let anything show because Omicron is harmless now … “one woman on Twitter. “He’s sick,” another thought. “BPT22 from FDP in the presence and mostly without masks, sitting close to each other. Lindner quarantined in Washington. He praises the action face to face and shines like a bacon peel. Fever, Mr. Lindner? ”Another user asked.

Lindner was under special surveillance because after a positive test he had to defend his party’s mitigating course in the pandemic.

“Do you have Corona or another contagious disease?” Share them with others! Your FDP, “it said elsewhere. The advice to Lindner was no less ironic: “Don’t worry, it’s just a mild cold, and the whole fuss with Long Covid is certainly completely out of the question; otherwise, seek the advice of your top virologist, Buddy Buschmann. Get well soon.”

The discussion was sparked by the fact that Lindner was sweating profusely during the 40-minute party speech. A static snapshot of his performance quickly became viral on the Internet. The 43-year-old man tested positive for coronavirus after Thursday’s G7 finance minister meeting in Washington and is now in solitary confinement.

Lindner also received a cure for Twitter, for which he thanked. “But there is no need to worry – this is what it looks like when you stand at 6:00 in the morning without a mask in the spotlight,” he wrote to the short news service. He is looking forward to the next party congress in normal time and on the spot.

At a party conference, several leading FDP politicians emphasized that it was thanks to the Liberals that Germany had returned to “normal” after two years with the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “And I will say: If (Minister of Health) Karl Lauterbach had not withdrawn the decision of 16 health ministers that we no longer need to be quarantined when we are infected, then Christian Lindner would be with us today and not in Washington,” the deputy chief said at the opening of the party conference. FDP Wolfgang Kubicki.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach later said on Twitter that Lindner’s isolation was correct. “If we no longer isolate the infected corona, as @fdp demands, we are endangering vaccination to all the people we do not protect well. These are mainly the elderly and unvaccinated children, “wrote the SPD politician.

At the party congress, the FDP decided, among other things, on a proposal from the board of directors, which required the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. (dpa)