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Status: 22.04.2022 23:32

It was supposed to be the evening of their football life – before a record attendance of 91,648 spectators in the semifinal first match of the Champions League at FC Barcelona, ​​the VfL Wolfsburg players experienced a debacle. At 1: 5 (0: 4) they still had a good serve.

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On Thursday, women from Wolfsburg still had their hands full taking pictures at the Camp Nou football stadium – and posted them on social media. On Fridays, they were often just amazing guests. The defending champion of the title “Barca” showed the world level from the very beginning, the defense of VfL was completely overwhelmed in a very crowded stadium and in front of loud spectators. The women from Lower Saxony were shown.

“No matter how hard it is at the moment, we have to absorb the record and the moment of playing at Camp Nou. That experience will last for a lifetime.” VfL coach Tommy Stroot

In the tenth minute – the home team just celebrated 2: 0 – Almuth Schult drummed her teammates. In the circle, the team tried to wake up the goalkeeper, who was by far the best “wolf”. But her words faded quickly. Barcelona was just two classes better that night – in the end it was 20: 3 after the shots on goal.

Disappointment – yes, drooping heads – no

Wolfsburg coach Tommy Stroot has assembled his team on the pitch to appeal to his players not only to be angry despite the defeat: “Even though we are all disappointed, it would be bad to just disappear into the locker room and leave. “

VIDEO: Wolfsburgs Huth: “This defeat will not knock us down” (2 min)

Barcelona was the favorite before the match, Stroot emphasized. Although “Barca” can already plan his way to the finals, in the second match on April 30 in Wolfsburg “his team’s task is to show a completely different face”. Striker Svenja Huth promised: “We lacked courage and consistency. But this defeat will not knock us down. Anyone who knows us knows that we will finish everything. And even then we will have exciting tasks.”

“Barca” fires offensive fireworks

Wolfsburg’s back four with Joelle Wedemeyer, Kathrin Hendrich, Dominique Janssen and Felicitas Rauch were no match for the strong and imaginative FCB offensive. A long pass was enough and Aitana Bonmati scored and increased to 1: 0 (3rd).

Former Hamburger Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic drove the ball to VfL captain Janssen seven minutes later. Caroline Graham Hansen hit the hook, letting her former teammate Wedemeyer pass and Schult with a well placed shot with his left foot had absolutely no chance to defend – 2: 0.

Svenja Huth missed a double chance to join

Given the dominance of ‘Barca’, it is unlikely that Huth could actually change the course of the game. But at least for a short time, the women from Wolfsburg also showed their art: Sveindis Jonsdottir came from the left. Jill Roord immediately handed her passport to Huth. Irene Paredes Hernandez cleared the German national striker’s shot in front of the line. Goalkeeper Sandra Panosová (15th) made the difference.

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VfL defense is too fast

It was a brief glimmer of hope – nothing more. Stroot refrained from major changes and hoped that his players would be able to face it with their offensive style of play. Misconception. “Barca” quickly regained speed and in the 33rd minute scored 3: 0 Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes. World footballer Alexiu Putellas (38th) scored the fourth goal – her ninth this season in the Champions League.

Jill Roord scored a comforting goal for Wolfsburg

Barcelona also got drunk on its own after the break. But a very close offside with a hit (50th) and Schult, who saved everything that could be saved, prevented the score 5: 0. And suddenly the ball was in the net on the other side. Tabea Waßmuth managed to speed up the pace once through the middle and freed Jill Roord. The Dutch scored 1: 4 (70th), which was calculated thanks to the video.

Maybe this result would leave little hope for the second stage. And as a result, Schult almost overcame himself. Five minutes before the end, however, Janssen acknowledged a penalty, which Putellas safely turned into the final score. The women from Wolfsburg can now concentrate on the championship and the cup.

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