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[EN DIRECT] Two months of war in Ukraine: here is the latest development

Today, Ukraine is entering the third month of the Russian invasion.

Here is the latest development, minute by minute

09:46 | Stakhovsky supports the exclusion of Russians and Belarusians from Wimbledon

Former Ukrainian tennis player Serhiy Stakhovsky, who has joined his country’s Kiev reserve army, supports the decision of Wimbledon organizers to exclude Russians and Belarusians from next year’s tournament (June 27 – July 10).

“I’m not saying I was happy about it, but it had to be done,” the former 31st in the world, who retired from sports and left his London home on March 1, told Mail on Sunday. Ukraine.

09:16 | Ukraine: The number of refugees is approaching 5.2 million

According to partially updated data by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees published on Sunday, just over 23,000 Ukrainian refugees have left their country in the last 24 hours, which Russian troops have attacked for two months and are approaching 5.2 million. .

08:45 | Russia blocks after publishing articles about Ukraine

Russia has blocked the US chess website at the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office following the publication of two articles about the situation in Ukraine, described as “false information”. is now on the list of blocked sites in Russia, available on Sunday on the website of Russian telecommunications policeman Roskomnadzor.

08:19 | Ursula von der Leyen in India to talk about Ukraine, trade and climate

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrived in India on Sunday for a two-day trade, security and climate visit, during which she should also discuss New Delhi’s neutrality over the war in Ukraine.

07:43 | Ukraine: The OSCE is “taking care” of the detention of several of its members

The OSCE said it was “extremely concerned” on Sunday after the arrest of some members of its mission in Ukraine in the pro-Russian separatist territories.

Shortly after the Russian invasion on February 24, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) evacuated several hundred observers from dozens of countries who had been monitoring the ceasefire since 2014.

07:28 | Buns and shelling: Sad Orthodox Easter for Ukrainians

Two months after the Russian invasion, Ukrainians celebrated a gloomy Orthodox Easter on Sunday, with several bold bombings to obtain ritual blessings, and many others tried to keep the tradition of the holiday synonymous with hope.

06:48 | Ukraine: Pope renews call for Easter truce

On the occasion of Orthodox Easter, celebrated this Sunday, Pope Francis again called for a ceasefire in the fighting in Ukraine and an end to the attacks on the “exhausted population.”

06:30 | The UN calls for an “immediate” ceasefire in Mariupol to evacuate civilians

The UN called for an “immediate” ceasefire in Mariupol on Sunday, which would allow the evacuation of some 100,000 civilians who were still stranded in a Ukrainian port almost completely controlled by the Russian military, in a press release from its coordinator in Ukraine.

05:19 | Ukraine: in the countryside of the southern front, the poorest sow under the bombs

In front of his boss’s house, recently hit by the bombing, Vassili Kouchtch swears against these “Russian bastards” who are destroying his village a little more every day, and then he grabs a shovel: “I have to work. I have nowhere else to go. “