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Elections in France: TV duel Macron – Le Pen

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Created: 23.04.2022, 18:17

Author: Andreas Apetz


Before the French election in 2022, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen exchanged blows in a television duel.

Updated April 21, 2022, 6:30 a.m.: A few days before the second round of elections in France, President Emmanuel Macron and his right-wing populist challenger, Marine Le Pen, attacked each other in a battle for the last undecided voters. “You depend on Russia and the Russian president,” Macron accused Le Pen in a television duel.

“When you talk about Russia, you talk about your creditor,” Macron said, referring to the millions of dollars in loans Le Pen received from a Russian-Czech bank. Le Pen called the allegations “false and dishonest.” Her party took out a loan because no French bank wanted to give her a loan. “I’m a completely single woman,” she said. Her independence was never compromised.

Emmanuel Macron (l) and Marine Le Pen on a television debate. © Ludovic Marin / dpa

Elections in France: Le Pen demands ban on headscarves – Macron fears civil war

Macron also rejected a request from his opponent, Marine Le Pen, to ban scarves in public places. “Separation from church to state does not mean a fight against religion,” Macron said. “The question of the headscarf is a question of religion, an outward sign.” If someone wants to ban a headscarf, they must also ban the kippa and other religious symbols. The Constitution provides no basis for this.

The second round of the presidential election live

Who will be the next head of state of the “Grand Nation”? Follow all the news of the key elections in France in our newsletter.

The headscarf is only taboo in schools and public administration for reasons of neutrality, Macron said. “If you do, you will start a civil war in the neighborhoods,” the president said. “France, the country of the Enlightenment, would be the first country in the world to ban religious inscriptions on the streets.” Le Pen has previously called the headscarf ban a measure against Islamism. “I’m in favor of banning headscarves in public places,” she said.

Elections in France: Most consider Macron to be more convincing in a television duel than Marine Le Pen

According to the survey, Macron emerged victorious from the television debate with Le Pen. About two out of three viewers surveyed by the Elabe Institute said the head of state was more convincing. After more than two and a half hours of debate, a total of 650 people who interviewed the duel were interviewed.

It was the only television duel in this presidential election campaign. Macron and Le Pen will clash in Sunday’s second round. According to surveys, Macron is currently at 55 to 56.5 percent, about ten points less than five years ago.

Elections in France: Macron and Le Pen exchange blows in a television duel

+++ 23:01: Emmanuel Macron accused his right-wing populist challenger Marine Le Pen of “addiction” to Russia. “When you talk about Russia, you talk about your donor,” Macron said on Wednesday (April 20, 2022) in a television duel between two presidential candidates.

Macron came across multimillion-dollar loans that Le Pen received from a Russian-Czech bank near the Kremlin. “You depend on Russia and the Russian president,” Macron said.

Le Pen called the allegations “false and dishonest.” Her party took out a loan “because no French bank wanted to lend me.” She is a “completely and completely free woman”. Referring to Russia’s offensive war against Ukraine, she said she supported Ukraine’s independence from the United States, the EU and Russia.

+++ 22:08: Emmanuel Macron and challenger Marine Le Pen presented opposing proposals to strengthen purchasing power – a key theme of the election campaign. At the start of the televised debate before the second round of elections, Macron promised to raise pensions and the minimum wage, as well as a cap on gas and electricity prices. Further reducing unemployment is also important. Le Pen proposed a reduction in energy VAT and the elimination of taxes on 100 basic necessities.

French Election 2022 – Macron accuses Le Pen of ties to Putin

At the beginning of the television debate, Macron and Le Pen seek an objective, albeit critical, exchange of views. When the two also sat opposite each other before the 2017 elections, the debate was characterized by insults and personal attacks. Macron has now emerged as a listener who agrees with Le Pen in some statements – but then refutes her conclusions. Le Pen presents herself as a defender of the population.

Elections in France 2022 live on television and live broadcast

The decisive round of the French elections in 2022 will also attract a lot of attention. The match will be broadcast live on television and live.

+++ 18:13: Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny called on incumbent Emmanuel Macron shortly before the French presidential election. His opponent, right-wing populist Marine Le Pen, has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Russian opposition activist said on Twitter on Wednesday.

Elections in France: Macron leads the polls shortly before the television duel

Navalny said he was “shocked” that Le Pen’s party, then called the Front National, had received a € 9 million loan in 2014 from “Putin’s infamous money laundering facility,” the first Czech-Russian bank. He has no doubt that the agreement “had an opaque political component”. “It’s corruption. And it’s a sale of political influence to Putin, “the 45-year-old added.

Update from Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 4:45 p.m. According to polls, incumbent President Macron has been able to extend his lead over the right-wing populist.

TV duel between Macron and Le Pen from 20:45 phoenixMichael Krons and Hélène Miard-Delacroix

According to opinion polls on Tuesday (April 19, 2022), Emmanuel Macron received 55.8 percent of French voters’ approval. However, this is about ten percent less than five years ago, when his agreement rate was 66.1 percent.

Elections in France: Here you can see a TV duel between Macron and Le Pen live and TV

First news from Wednesday 20 April 2022, 14:31: Paris – It could be a key evening for the French presidential election: 20:45 In a single television meeting between the two politicians, shortly before the second round of elections, it’s all about again.

The exchange of strikes will also be broadcast on German television. You can find out where Macron and Le Pen’s duel can be seen here.

Elections in France 2022: a television duel between Macron and Le Pen on television and live

Germany is also eagerly awaiting the second round of presidential elections in France on April 24. The TV duel is the last big chance to convince French voters. Opposite are incumbent Emmanuel Macron and right-wing populist candidate Marine Le Pen.

In Germany, the television duel for the second round of elections will be broadcast live on the special broadcast Fénix on Wednesday evening from 20:45. The TV duel can be watched free of charge and live on television or live broadcast by the operator. Phoenix presenter Michael Krons leads the show from Paris. Hélène Miard-Delacroix, a historian of contemporary history at the Sorbonne in Paris, will be present as an expert.

Election in France 2022: television duel for the second round of elections – the presidential election goes to the second round

In the first ballot, the incumbent was just ahead of his opponent Le Pen (23 percent) with about 28 percent of the vote. It is now a matter of gaining almost 22 percent of the votes won by left-wing Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round. In 2017, Macron clearly won the second round presidential election with 66.1 percent and almost twice as many votes as Le Pen (33.9 percent). Experts predict a very close election result this year.

For the third time since 2002, the extreme right has made it to the second round of the French round. Roughly half of voters voted populist or radical parties in the first round this year. The second round of elections should not be easy for Macron. The young votes, the majority of which voted for the 70-year-old Mélenchon, will also decide. A TV duel is a chance for both parties to win these votes. (aa)