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Elden Ring: Re-creating the game … on his Game Boy!

The Elden Ring community obviously didn’t end us with surprises. Where many players have decided to try the game to set a speed record, where certain heroes like Let Me Solo Her come to the aid of the poorest adventurers, the shintendoTV streamer has decided to bring his stone to the building in a very special way.

A great game lover and Nintendo has decided to merge the universes, but 30 years in the past! He is currently working on an Elden Ring demo for his Game Boy and the first pictures are very convincing.

Take a last look at these beautiful landscapes, you won’t find them on Game Boy!

What is a demake?

Demake is simply a port (almost exclusively community, very rarely official) game on the media in front of the console originally used by the game. The practice is opposed to a remake (or remaster), which is a reverse upgrade of an old license. run with better graphics on newer media.

It’s hard to trace the origins of demake, but the practice has become popular twice:

  • In 2000, when manufacturers competed for new consoles and it was difficult for wallets to keep up with the releases. Amateur developers then enjoyed turning current titles into retro games so they wouldn’t have to buy next-generation consoles.
  • Recently with the fashion of somewhat lazy remakes, which replace potential original titles. The Internet exacerbated this phenomenon, and although it was initially parodic, it quickly became an art in itself.

Then it’s an interesting challenge that you have to accept, the goal is to do as much as possible with less. Excellent games then became very popular in their demake version, such as Hollow Knight on Pico-8 (renamed for this occasion “Low Knight”) or Zelda Breath of the Wild on Game Boy Color.

The first demake pictures make you see the sequel!

What is Shintendo planning for the Elden Ring?

After announcing his project in a post on Reddit, which you can see above, streamer Shintendo started broadcasting the game development on the Twitch platform. He cites two points that seem important to him:

  • It is a personal project for which nothing is planned yet in terms of content, distribution or partnership. You have to understand that even though he enjoys sharing his development with the community, he does not intend to put pressure on himself to release a perfectly finished version of his demake one day.
  • He plans to run the game on hardware without giving further details. So it doesn’t even offer emulation, but rather a tough game. We don’t know yet if he really plans to create a native tape for Game Boy, or if he has in mind development for Analogue Pocket, but to do without emulation is another challenge for the streamer!

Developer Lilith Walther has already talked about hijacking Bloodborne from FromSoftware to create a version for PS1. He also plans to create a version of this game “Mario Kart”, so we can expect everything from the community!