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Dozens of protesters behind a convoy in Montreal

Dozens of people gathered this afternoon in the Lafontaine Park in Montreal for a convoy for freedom to condemn the medical emergency and the new Youth Protection Act 15.

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“Go home, wake up!” shouted a disgruntled motorist driving past a meeting on the corner of Sherbrooke and Papineau streets.

“Freedom! Freedom!” protesters responded between two whistles with Quebec and Canadian flags in their hands under the sight of several police officers watching them closely.

In total, almost a hundred of them gathered in the parking lot in the park. Protesters swayed to the sounds of French horns and music. The air was also filled with the strong scent of cannabis.

The atmosphere resembled a convoy that lasted several weeks in February and March in downtown Ottawa.

The Journal spoke on the spot with rally organizer Yan Beauchamp-Boucher. It was he who organized a convoy from Ottawa and several cities in Quebec to Lafontaine Park in Montreal.

Thierry Laforce / QMI Agency

“There is no reason for a medical emergency to exist. It’s ridiculous. We’re old enough to know what we want to do. If we do not want to wear masks, we have the right to do so, “he explains.

But why did Yan Beauchamp-Boucher want to organize this assembly to oppose Bill 15, which was adopted unanimously in the National Assembly last week?

“This law allows the government great power over the power of children. I have no problem removing a child from the family because she is in danger. The government just takes too much, “says the young Beauchamp-Boucher, the young father himself, vaguely.

Thierry Laforce / QMI Agency

It should be noted that under the new Youth Protection Act 15, the best interests of the child must always take precedence over any other considerations, including those of the parents. This was created, among other things, to prevent another tragedy such as the little girl from Granby, which occurred in 2019.

Claude, the man who lives on his bus, claims to have attended a convoy to condemn “everything.”

“I just want freedom, that’s all I want. I am against all government laws and all their hygiene measures. We want to be free, “Claude insists, refusing to reveal his surname.

Thierry Laforce / QMI Agency

The atmosphere of the demonstration was rather festive and calm in the afternoon. Police officers from the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) also had to drive road traffic because the rally caused traffic on Sherbrooke Street.