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DIRECT. War in Ukraine: The UN calls for an “immediate” ceasefire in Mariupol to evacuate civilians


The pope renews the call for an Easter truce

On the occasion of Orthodox Easter, celebrated this Sunday, Pope Francis again called for a ceasefire in the fighting in Ukraine and an end to the attacks on the “exhausted population.” “Today is two months since the beginning of this war,” February 24, he recalled after a Sunday prayer in front of thousands of believers gathered in St. Peter’s Square, some of whom waved the Ukrainian flag. “Instead of stopping, the war has worsened.” It is sad that in these days, which are the most sacred and solemn for Christians, we hear the more murderous sound of weapons than the sound of bells announcing the resurrection of Christ, the pope added.


Two observers detained in eastern Ukraine: OSCE

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said in a tweet released Saturday night that it was “extremely concerned” that a number of members of the OSCE National Mission had been “deprived of their liberty in Donetsk and Lugansk.” and “use all available channels to facilitate their release”.


Mariupol: UN calls for ceasefire to evacuate civilians

In a press release from its coordinator in Ukraine this week, the UN called for an “immediate” ceasefire in Mariupol, which would allow the evacuation of some 100,000 civilians who were still stranded in this Ukrainian port, almost completely controlled by the Russian army.

“We need to stop fighting right now to save lives.” The longer we wait, the more lives will be threatened. They must be able to evacuate today. It will be too late tomorrow, “said Amin Awad.


Eight dead in the Lugano region, the governor says

This morning, the governor of the Lugano region, Serhiy Haidai, announced on the Telegram the news of the deaths of eight people and the destruction of seven houses and police stations in several municipalities in the region, namely Hirske, Zolote, Sievierodonestk and Lyssychansk.


According to Governor of Donetsk, two girls were killed in Ocheretyn

Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko announced the death of two children in Ocheretyn on Twitter this Sunday. It would be two girls between the ages of 5 and 14: “Their family home was destroyed” by Russian fire.


Mariupol: The Azovstal factory attacked “continuously”

In a tweet released on Sunday, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoljak said that Russian forces were “constantly” attacking the Azovstal factory, the last Ukrainian stronghold in Mariupol, a strategic port under Russian control for several days.


Night strikes hit the Dnieper

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Governor Valentyn Reznichenko said in a telegram this Sunday that the Pavlograd district would be hit by three night strikes, including a missile hitting the railway infrastructure. “A 48-year-old man has died, eight buildings have been destroyed. Under the rubble are three cars and a truck. The explosion shattered the windows and locked the door of the neighboring building, “the governor said, adding that two more rockets hit the industrial complex:” The production building was destroyed, no one was hit. “


A young mother and her child killed by a Russian rocket in Odessa

Ukrainian Femen activist Inna Shevchenko shared a photo of a young mother and her granddaughter on her Twitter account, suggesting that they were both killed by a Russian missile in a residential area of ​​Odessa. Information originally shared by the surviving husband and father.


French gas stations attacked by border Germans


What is Putin’s state of health?

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, speculation about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased. And one of his last appearances, at a meeting about the headquarters of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, only fueled rumors.


These Ukrainians who return to the country celebrate Orthodox Easter

Maria, 19, fled to Warsaw a month ago to escape the threat of Russian bombing of her city of Lviv. But as Orthodox Easter approached, the young woman decided she could not be far from her priest and family on this important religious date.


According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, “many Russian attacks” repulsed in Donbas

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Sunday, Ukraine “this week repelled many Russian attacks along the line of contact in the Donbas”. “Although Russia made some territorial gains, Ukrainian resistance was strong on all axes and caused significant losses to Russian forces,” the Ministry of Defense continued.


“Everything will take 50 years to clear,” say the specialists

According to several specialists, it will probably take decades to defuse the thousands of still active explosive devices that have been dropped on almost half of Ukraine. “Demining will take 50 years,” said Perrine Benoist, director of disability reduction at Handicap International, while more than 300,000 km2 in Ukraine, nearly half the country, is contaminated with explosives. Bondar, head of demining services for Ukrainian civil security.


War in Ukraine is “necessary” for this Russian family

Alexei, Yana and their four children live in Kalouza, an industrial city 200 km from Moscow. Like about 80% of Russians support their government’s action in Ukraine. The former soldier and his wife hold their positions and regret the “distorted ideas” the West has about their country. A message from the heart of a Russian family in favor of engagement in Ukraine.


Mariupol: According to Ukraine, many Mariupol residents were deported to Russia

According to Ukrainian authorities, many residents of the strategic port of Mariupol were forcibly deported to Russia on Saturday, more specifically to the Primorsky Krai region, almost 8,000 kilometers from Ukraine.


Donbass: Russian offensives on Rubizhne are intensifying

After the fall of the Kremlin in eastern Ukraine five days ago, Roubijna, also in the Donbas, is resisting as much as he can, while the Russian army has launched an offensive in recent days to take control of the region. After a month of strikes, Russian troops prevailed in the northern part of the city, the south still largely held by Ukrainian forces.

For the time being, the Ukrainian artillery has managed to stop their advance.


Orthodox Easter: no truce is planned for Easter weekend

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, called for prayer for “lasting peace” on Saturday, without mentioning the idea of ​​an armistice on Orthodox Christians’ Easter weekend. The Ukrainian authorities have urged Orthodox believers to watch the Orthodox Easter Vigil ceremonies online and not deviate from the curfew because they fear “provocations” during ceremonies that usually attract crowds.


From the Kiev metro, Zelensky reaffirms his willingness to negotiate with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had a press conference on Saturday from a metro station in central Kiev. The head of state responded to dozens of journalists from around the world. At this symbolic place, where thousands of residents of the city took refuge to avoid bombing, Zelensky reaffirmed in favor of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. “I think whoever started this war can end it,” he said.


The UN Secretary-General will visit Turkey on Monday

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will travel to Turkey on Monday, a key mediator in the conflict in Ukraine, before traveling to Moscow and Kiev, the UN said in a statement.

Ankara is currently trying to hold a summit between Zelenysky and Putin in Istanbul, although Turkish officials admit that the prospects for such negotiations are currently slim.


Discussion of arms deliveries scheduled for Sunday between Blinken and Zelenský

US foreign and defense chiefs Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin are scheduled to hold talks with President Zelenský on US arms supplies to Ukraine in Kiev on Sunday. This is the first US visit to Ukraine exactly two months after the war, which is still raging in the east and south.


Hello and welcome

This live broadcast informs about the 60th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is entering its third month.