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DIRECT. The war in Ukraine: the evacuation of Mariupol would be canceled again, according to the deputy mayor



Russia’s Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a press release published by the Moscow Patriarchate, called for prayers for “lasting peace”, without mentioning the idea of ​​an armistice for Orthodox Christians on Easter weekend. .


According to the deputy mayor of Mariupol, the evacuation of Mariupol would be canceled again

The humanitarian evacuation of civilians living in Mariupol will not be able to take place this Saturday, as expected, Mariupol Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov told BFMTV.

“(Evacuation) is impossible today (..) The Russians do not allow evacuation to the territory controlled by Ukraine,” he indicated.

While the evacuation was scheduled for noon, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk warned that Russian forces might want to organize another evacuation corridor to Russia in parallel.


Moscow accuses Washington of preparing lies

“Russia’s Defense Ministry has information that the United States is preparing provocations to accuse the Russian armed forces of using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons,” Igor Kirillov, chief of the ground defense forces, accused.


Last minute

According to local authorities, the rocket hit the city of Odessa. Details must be provided.


Grenades thrown on the Russian-Ukrainian border

Border guards in the Chernihiv region claim to have seen new strikes from Russian territory, fourth. Last night, Russians, they say on Facebook, fired a dozen grenades from an automatic grenade launcher near the border village of Senkivka.


Two dead in Pospana

According to the head of the Luhansk regional military administration, Sergei Hayday, Popasna “suffered the most” in the region yesterday. “In addition to street fighting, the Russian army is constantly bombing high-rise buildings and private houses,” he added. “Yesterday, the inhabitants resisted five enemy artillery attacks. However, not all of them survived. In the evening, a 66-year-old died and his wife was injured. Another person also died as a result of the bombing. “

Hayday added that about 30 people had been evacuated from the nearby town of Severodonetsk, including 15 bedridden patients.


Two little girls will die in Mariupol

Two young actresses, Elizaveta and Sonya, died in Mariupol, Mayor Adviser Petro Andryushchenko said in a telegram. The two little girls played the same role in the adaptation of “The World of Narnia” at the Mariupol Drama Theater, which was destroyed by Russian strikes in mid-March. “What a sad symbol, the Chronicles of Narnia originated in the London Underground during the Nazi bombing of Britain,” Andryushchenko wrote in his post. “We will never forget talented angels. There are no and no excuses for the occupiers. “


Nearly 30,000 people fled Ukraine again yesterday

The number of Ukrainian refugees who fled the Russian army after the invasion of their territory is still increasing and is approaching 5.2 million, according to Saturday’s data from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

According to UNHCR, 5,163,686 Ukrainians have fled their country since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, which is 29,939 more than the number published on Thursday.

In addition to this number, 218,000 non-Ukrainian citizens, mainly students and migrant workers, have left Ukraine for neighboring countries since the beginning of the war.

Almost two-thirds of Ukrainian children have had to leave their homes, including those still in the country.


Mariupol residents taken to Vladivostok?

According to Petr Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Russian forces on Thursday removed 308 people through the humanitarian corridor, including 90 children, who were then sent to Vladivostok, more than 9,000 kilometers east of their hometown.


The main destination is the Slaviansk-Kramatorsk region

Still according to information provided in the Telegram by the adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Oleksiy Arestovich, in Russia, the Russians are concentrating their forces in the area between Slaviansk and Kramatorsk. They are conducting “offensive and reconnaissance operations there to try to find our weaknesses,” he said.


Resumption of shelling in Mariupol

According to The Guardian, which says an adviser to Ukrainian President Oleksiyah Arestovych, Russian forces have resumed bombing the Azovstal factory, which houses thousands of Ukrainian soldiers. They would even try to carry out an attack there, he assures us, but “our defenders are carrying out counter-operations despite the difficult situation,” he concludes. Until this morning, the Russians seemed more willing to prevent any departure from the metallurgical complex.


According to the Russians, Satan-2 will experience a meteoric deployment

Russia intends to deploy its new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of carrying out nuclear strikes against the United States or Western Europe, this autumn, Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, told Russian public television this morning. space agency. Moscow tested Satan-2 for the first time on Wednesday with a theoretical range of 18,000 km. The Sarmat is capable of carrying ten nuclear warheads as well as baits.

This week’s test, after years of delays due to financial and technical problems, is a demonstration of Russia’s strength. According to Dmitry Rogozin, the missiles will be deployed in the Krasnoyarsk Krai region, about 3,000 km east of Moscow. They will be stationed in the same locations and in the same forces as the Soviet-era Duke’s missiles they replace, saving “colossal resources and time.” This weapon will guarantee the safety of Russia’s children and grandchildren for another 30-40 years, added the director of Roscosmos.

Range of 18,000 km, ten nuclear warheads … should we really care about the Russian “Satan-2” missile? Read our article here.


The Russians claim to have made 66 strikes overnight

“The Russian Air Force’s operational-tactical air force and air force hit 66 Ukrainian military facilities overnight, including three command posts, 58 areas of concentration of Ukrainians’ forces and military equipment, as well as three missile and artillery depots,” Maj. That’s what General Igor Konashenko said.

In addition to shooting down several aircraft, including a fighter jet (read below), two Tochka-U tactical missiles were reportedly intercepted during a flight near Chernobayevka near Kherson, a city occupied by the Russians.


412 bodies have already been exhumed in Boutch

According to Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk, this terrible number of bodies has so far been found in the mass graves of a martyr’s city near Kiev.

UN human rights investigators have so far gathered information on the killings of 50 civilians. All investigations are ongoing.


No curfew also in Lviv

The head of the Lviv regional military administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, announced on Facebook that the curfew had been renewed from today’s 23:00 possible sabotage group in the region. “


Femen condemns rape as a weapon of war

The Women’s Liberation Movement and Femen condemn the use of rape in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict near the French Foreign Ministry.


Two civilians died in Kharkov yesterday and 19 were injured

Kharkov, Ukraine’s second city before the offensive, remains under siege. “Russian occupiers continue to fire on civilian infrastructure in Kharkov and the region,” said Oleh Synehubov, head of Kharkov’s regional military administration. On Friday, “the occupiers inflicted 56 strikes in which 19 people were injured and two people died.”

According to the military governor, Russian forces continue to hold defensive lines around Izia.


Fresh trenches in the cemetery near Mariupol

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies show that a second cemetery near Mariupol has been expanded. This is the Vynohrad Cemetery, about 12 kilometers east of Mariupol). Parallel ditches, each 40 m long, were dug into the ground. The expansion of this new trail of the Vynohrad Cemetery began between March 22 and 29, around the time that new graves were laid near the Manhush Cemetery in the northwestern suburbs of Mariupol.

More than two weeks ago, the mayor of the port city, in the hands of more than 90% of Russians, said that 20 to 22,000 people had died in the offensive.

Maxar Technologies


The Russians allegedly destroyed the fighter

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its forces shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter and destroyed three MI-8 helicopters at the airport in the Kharkiv region.

Ukraine has not yet responded to the statement …