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DC shooting: A DC shooting suspect who injured 4 is dead, police say

“The suspect we think is responsible for this is now dead,” said Contee, who declined to name the suspect while waiting for the next of kin to report. “We believe the suspect took his own life when MPD members broke into the apartment where the suspect was or broke into it.”

Police are not looking for another suspect, Contee said.

Earlier, Stuart Emerman, assistant chief of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, named Raymond Spencer, 23, as a person of interest. It was not known if Spencer was currently in the area.

Spencer is not a suspect, Emerman warned. Contee declined to say if Spencer was a suspect who was dead, but said, “We’re no longer looking for a person who cares about us.”

Police are aware of a video uploaded to the 4chan online bulletin board, which apparently shows the shooter starting to shoot at Edmund Burke School, a college preparatory school in northwest Washington. The video was recorded by an individual named Raymond Spencer, and police wanted to talk to him to see if he was involved in the shooting.

“Right now, based on the things we’ve seen on social media, the information we’re investigating, we’re looking for a person we care to talk to. That person’s name came out as Raymond Spencer.” He is a 23-year-old man, “Emerman told a news conference on Friday.

The man and woman are in stable but critical condition, Emerman said, updating an earlier report from a police source that said two men had been shot dead. The girl is also being treated for a minor gunshot wound. All three are treated at local hospitals.

At a later media briefing, Emerman said the fourth victim, whom he described as a woman in her 60s, was scratched by a bullet but did not have to go to the hospital.

The shooting occurred in Block 2900 on Van Ness Street Northwest, the MPD said.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has said the authorities are beginning to lift the lock on Edmund Burke and the students are reuniting with their families.

Samuel Nicolido, a student who lives near the shooting site, told CNN that he had heard about 20 shots.

“It was like five shots and then he stopped for one minute and then another four, five and then again,” Nicolido said. “I saw cops with shields everywhere and then they said – they told us to stay home. Don’t leave. So yes, it was scary.”

Police are also investigating whether the shots fired at the deli about half a mile down the street from the original shooting site are related. CNN spoke to the owner of the delicacy, who said his window was hit by a bullet at 3:24 PM ET. According to the owner of the car, who spoke for CNN, a car parked across the street from the delicatessen was also hit by the bullet.

A few doors from the delicatessen was also a bullet hole in the optometrist’s shop window.

Numerous law enforcement agencies, including the MPD, the city’s fire and rescue service, the US Secret Service’s uniformed division, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, responded to the scene. Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said this. is “no impact” on the protected.

The video appears to show the shooter opening fire

The video recorded on 4chan is incredibly shaky and has a red crosshair in the middle. It appears to have been taken by the camera the shooter was wearing: it bears the time stamp 15:17 and the metadata shows that a video encoder was used to create a video file from the manufacturer of the personal and on-board camera.

CNN geolocated the video, which shows it was taken from an apartment building right next to Edmund Burke School.

The video shows a closed bridge between two school buildings – an individual with a backpack appears in one shot – before several shots are fired. The shooter in the video seems to be reloading his weapon once.

CNN spoke to an eyewitness who confirmed that a closed bridge had been shot at the school connecting the two buildings.

Individuals in a closed bridge are seen running. A man on the ground in a reflective vest runs among the parked cars to hide.

4chan did not respond immediately to CNN’s request for a comment.

The person who posted the video on 4chan seems to have ridiculed the police who were looking for them in other posts on the website.

This story has been updated with further developments.

CNN’s Karl de Vries, Joe Johns, Shawn Mizelle and Kaitlan Collins contributed to this report.