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Crown Pandemic: Shanghai reports maximum death toll

Status: 24.04.2022 16:00

Despite strict measures, the number of coronavirus deaths in Shanghai has skyrocketed. And the Beijing authorities are sounding the alarm: The virus may have spread there unnoticed in the last week.

Despite all the strict measures, the number of coronavirus deaths in Shanghai has risen sharply: the authorities in the economic metropolis have reported 39 new deaths, well above the previous maximum of twelve deaths the day before. In Beijing, too, authorities are now concerned about the growing number of infections.

Shanghai has been largely closed since the beginning of April, and most of the approximately 25 million people are hardly allowed to leave their homes. The administration is hardly able to mitigate the consequences for the prisoners: the city has a problem supplying its residents with fresh food or providing them with medical care, as health services are primarily needed for corona tests and treatment.

News: Barriers have sprung up around residential buildings

Due to a pandemic, lattice fences have apparently been built around some residential buildings recently. Pictures of workers in white protective suits sealing the entrances to apartment buildings and bordering entire blocks of streets with tall green fences circled social networks, raising questions and complaints from residents.

According to the Caixin trade portal, thin sheet metal or wire mesh barriers have been built in several places under the leadership of local authorities. The main entrances to the buildings where the coronaviruses were detected were therefore sealed. The small passages remained open for pandemic prevention staff to pass through.

The city of about 26 million people has had hundreds of thousands of infections but less than 100 deaths since the outbreak almost two months ago. The AP news agency believes that the authorities have changed the way they calculate positive cases. The result is probably an under-representation of the actual victims.

The number of cases is also increasing in Beijing

Meanwhile, Beijing authorities also warn of “dark” times after 22 new cases of infection were reported there on Sunday alone. Initial observations indicated that the virus had been “invisibly” spreading in the capital for a week and that “schools, tourist groups and many families” had been affected, said official Pang Xinghuo. A quarter of those infected are over 60 years old, half of them are unvaccinated.

“The risk of continued and covert transmission is high and the situation is bleak,” Tian Wei of the CCP City Committee told reporters. “The whole city must act immediately.” Corona tests are now to be extended in the particularly densely populated eastern district of Chaoyang. Extracurricular courses or sports activities are banned throughout the city for an indefinite period.

The Beijing administration has also introduced strict controls on entering the city: anyone who wants to enter the city must prove a negative test for Covid, which must not be older than 48 hours. Anyone who has visited cities or districts in which at least one case of coronavirus has been reported in the last two weeks must not enter the country at all.