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COVID-19 in Quebec 34 new deaths, 39 fewer hospitalizations

(Montreal) Quebec reported 34 new COVID-19-related deaths on Saturday and 39 fewer hospitalizations than the day before.

Posted 15:10 Updated 15:36

Lea Carrier The Press

The 34 new deaths reported on Saturday raised the daily average calculated over seven days to 26. The trend is an increase of 38% per week.

The decrease in 39 hospitalizations brings the total number of hospitalizations to 2,371, which is an increase of 11% in seven days.

There is one more patient in the intensive care unit than on Friday, but 89 patients represent a 15% decrease per week.

The number of people in hospitals is likely to increase further in the coming days, while the number admitted will continue to exceed the redundancies. The trend is an average of 34 more patients per day.

2,101 new cases reported on Saturday increase the daily average to 2,152. The trend is thus 25% lower in seven days. These numbers probably reflect only a fraction of total infections due to limited access to PCR screening assays.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign is still gaining momentum. Quebec currently administers an average of 28,000 doses of vaccine per day, mostly fourth doses. To date, 86.8% of Quebecs have received at least one dose, but only 51.2% have received three. And 7.1% of Quebecs now have four benefits, mainly people aged 60 and over.

With Pierre-André Normandin, La Presse