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Bundesliga: Bochum – Augsburg 0: 2 – Kopgball-Flaw messed up rescue party VfL – Bundesliga

No rice, no price!

Bochum lost 2-0 to Augsburg at home without a coach. Instead of celebrating the descent by winning, VfL must continue to shake.

VfL coach Thomas Reis experienced a crash in the stands, who received a red penalty for one match (because after the exclusion, he showed his own player Stafylidis a wiper). He could only be in contact with his team 30 minutes before the excavation. He is represented by his assistant coach Markus Gellhaus. Reis is missing for the second time of the season. Corona shut him down for the first time.

Augsburg messed up the rescue party Bochum and scored big points in the fight for the descent!

15 minutes: 0: 1! The defender VfL Leitsch wants to head the long ball Augsburg back to his goalkeeper in the middle of his own half. But too short! Riemann rushes quickly, but can’t stop Hahn from ruthlessly punishing the dollar and hitting 17 meters. His fifth goal of the season.

Leitsch made an almost identical mistake in the quarterfinals of the cup against Freiburg (1: 2) in the 120th minute and sealed the end.

41 minutes: Surprising penalty! Soares kicks Caligiuri’s calf right at the edge of the box. Referee Dankert decides the foul and awards a penalty.

Another penalty for Dusel for Augsburg. On April 6, the FCA received a 2: 1 penalty gift against Mainz.

43 minutes: Gregoritsch transforms ice cold. Augsburg leads 2: 0. His 8th goal of the season, scored six in the second half of the season.

Augsburg brings home an undeniable victory and makes a huge leap to the rescue.