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Belgian singer Arno has died

The Ostend singer died of pancreatic cancer diagnosed in November 2019 at the age of 72.

Redakce Published 23.04.2022 at 17:18 Reading time: 1 min

Singer Arno died on Saturday, April 23, his agent Filip De Groote announced. Since the end of 2019, he has been battling pancreatic cancer. “We will all miss him, his family, friends, musicians, but he will always be here thanks to the music that held him until the end of the year. Said his manager. He will be 73 years old in a month.

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Despite his illness, he continued to give concerts in the last months of his life: he performed three times at AB in Brussels and twice at Kursaal in Ostend. His last concert at AB last March was canceled. Arno also worked on a new album.

Ostend-born Arno Hintjens has lived in Brussels since the 1980s and has regularly visited the Place Sainte-Catherine district in Brussels. The singer was appointed an honorary citizen of the capital. “Damn, we’re missing …” Brussels Mayor Philippe Close responded, nodding at one of the key artists.