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ARS de Corse: To protect and avoid hospitalization, the 2nd booster dose is recommended from the age of 60.

Faced with the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, with incidence rates and hospitalizations still very high, ARS of Corsica recalls the need to protect the most fragile and oldest and insists it is important for them to take the 2nd booster dose .

2nd booster dose, for whom and when?

– from 80 years: performed 3 months after the 1st reminder – from 60 to 79 years: performed 6 months after the 1st reminder.

Case of people who were infected with Covid-19 after their first recall:

  • If the infection occurred more than 3 months after the first revaccination, a second revaccination is not necessary. Indeed, the occurrence of an infectious episode elicits an immune response at least equivalent to that of the booster vaccine;
  • If the infection occurred less than 3 months after the first revaccination, a second revaccination is required. Thereafter, it is advisable to wait at least 3 months after infection in people aged 80 and over, residents of care institutions and the USLD, or 6 months after infection in people aged 60 to 79 years with a second booster dose.

Why a new booster dose in this population?

The protection provided by the vaccine decreases more rapidly over time in people who have a weaker immune system. The injection of this second booster dose should make it possible to strengthen their protection against serious forms of illness and death in the current context of high virus circulation.

For the immune system, booster is not a simple repetition, but it allows you to get more and wider protection. Therefore, the booster dose is said to “boost” the immune system and create enough antibodies to fight the virus.

Vaccination is possible at the vaccination center (list of open centers at and at many health professionals: pharmacists, doctors (practitioners or specialists), occupational physicians, nurses, midwives, dentists. You can find the entire offer at

Other information: a booster dose may be required when entering certain countries. Think about it before the trip, because the validity of the new vaccination card is 7 days.