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AFL live: results, stats and results for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide Crows, Port Adelaide vs West Coast, Fremantle vs Carlton

In 2022, Port Adelaide will see the visit of the fighting team from the West Coast as a fantastic opportunity to get out of the brand.

Early Crows dug deep to upset the Western Bulldogs for a point in Ballarat, while the Dockers host the Blues tonight

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Port Adelaide vs West Coast Eagles

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Crows stun dogs with a brave victory in Ballarat

Adelaide stunned the Western Bulldogs by beating the big AFL 2021 finalists by a point in Ballarat to take their AFL revival to the next level.

Taylor Walker’s late goal finally showed the difference after the Crows fought their way through several bulldogs and won 8.15 (63) to 9.8 (62) by their own inaccuracies.

Jubilation for the Crows as the siren sounds during their one-point victory over the Bulldogs. 04.30 Getty Images: Darrian Traynor

By scoring victories for the first time since the third and fourth rounds of last season, Adelaide leveled its winnings and losses to 3: 3 and sentenced the Dogs to 2: 4, their worst start since 2019.

Billy Frampton (26 knockouts, nine points) sovereignly lined up the Crows defense, while Tom Doedee put clamps on Marcus Bontempelli.

Ben Keays (33 eliminations, eight passes) and Rory Laird (30 eliminations, eight eliminations, 11 fights) were typically busy, while ruckman Reilly O’Brien had a better Bulldogs 200 player, Stefan Martin.

The Dogs were led by midfielders Josh Dunkley (28 eliminations), Tom Liberatore (33 eliminations, 10 eliminations), Bailey Smith and Jack Macrae.

Furious pressure Adelaide sent the Bulldogs early on the back leg and scored the first two goals of the match.

But Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, Adam Treloar and Aaron Naughton struck, giving the home team a seven-point lead in the quarter.

Laird could get under scrutiny after arriving late and high on Dunkley after Bulldog got the lead at the end of the opening period.

The second quarter turned out to be a grim affair, with Walker losing Tim O’Brien by a single goal, with the score tied in the main break.

Adelaide dominated the third quarter and led 10 late in the season with goals from McAdam and Lachlan Gollant, but was actually a few goals.

Josh Schache’s remarkable film reduced Crows’ lead to three points and gave the Bulldogs a sniff to make the final change.

Taylor Walker kicked the winning goal from deep in his pocket. 04.30 Getty Images: Dylan Burns

Walker scored the first goal of his last term and the 500th goal of his career to make Adelaide a place in boxing.

From there, Treloar and McHenry exchanged goals before Schache made one attempt, then Dunkley hit another and put the Dogs ahead.

But the Crows weren’t done yet.

Josh Rachele tied the score behind, then Ned McHenry put them ahead of the next.

But when Caleb Daniel made an atypical mistake, Lachlan Gollant picked Walker and gave Crows a seven-point lead.

Bontempelli scored with seven seconds left, but it turned out too little, too late.

Fremantle Dockers vs Carlton

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