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A huge mass grave was discovered near Mariupol

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Created: 23.04.2022, 06:13

Author: Katja Thorwarth, Christian Stör, Christoph Klaucke


Russia is said to have dug a mass grave near Mariupol the size of three football fields for thousands of bodies.

  • Selensky hopes for Mariupol: “Decisive battle for our state” is approaching in the war in Ukraine.
  • The situation in Mariupol has calmed down: Russia has said that the port city, which was so important in the Ukrainian conflict, has been conquered.
  • Mariupol: All current developments from the strategically important port city of Ukraine in our news bulletin.

+++ 6:10: According to Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol, the Russian army has dug a new mass grave near the city. The alleged grave can be clearly seen from satellite images. It is therefore not far from the city port, which was strongly questioned at the beginning of the Ukrainian war. The mass grave in western Mariupol is reportedly 20 times larger than the one in Buch. The city administration announced this by telegram. According to that, up to 9,000 corpses could fit in a grave of this size.

“Every day in April, the occupiers dug new ditches and filled them with corpses,” Mariupol authorities write. The bodies were “buried in several layers.” According to the National Public Radio (NPR), satellite images would also show that the grave has been enlarged in the last month. NPR relies on information from Maxar Technologies, a satellite imagery service provider. The mass grave is said to be as big as three football fields.

According to information from Russia, the situation in Mariupol has calmed down

+++ 20:35: According to Russian information, the situation has returned to normal in the eastern Ukrainian port of Mariupol, which was badly damaged by the fighting. “Residents of the city were again given the opportunity to move freely on the streets,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenko. The streets were cleared of debris and broken military equipment, and the remains of Ukrainian fighters and “mercenaries from the United States and European countries” were “reliably” locked on the site of the Azovstal steel plant. The report could not be checked independently.

War in Ukraine: According to Russian information, the people of Mariupol should once again move freely on the streets. © Victor / dpa

+++ 18:25: Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Kyiv of preventing the surrender of Ukrainian troops in the port city of Mariupol. “All soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, fighters of national battalions and foreign mercenaries who have laid down their arms have a guaranteed life, humane treatment in accordance with international law and quality medical care,” Putin said on Friday, the Kremlin said in a statement. phone call with EU Council President Charles Michel.

“But the Kiev regime does not allow this opportunity to be seized,” Putin said in a statement from the Kremlin. Moscow said on Thursday that the city, with the exception of the Azov steel industrial zone, is now controlled by Russian troops. Putin ordered that the area be completely closed.

According to EU leaders, Putin accused the Kremlin of ignoring “war crimes” committed by the Ukrainian side. He called “irresponsible” statements by EU officials that “the situation in Ukraine needs to be addressed by military means”. The statement left open what Putin had in mind, but the head of the Kremlin could refer to a comment by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on “that this war will be won on the battlefield.”

Russian troops besiege steelworks: Babies, children and the elderly are imprisoned – drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce

+++ 15:30: According to the ombudswoman Ljudmila Denisová, around 1,000 people are closed in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol for several days. These include infants, children and the elderly. The news portal Kyiv Independent informs about it. In addition, there are 500 Ukrainian soldiers inside the race, some of whom were wounded. You are running out of drinking water. Russian troops closed the area. President Vladimir Putin had previously changed his plans to attack the steelworks.

+++ 14:00: The Kremlin has declared that an armistice at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol is possible “at any time”. However, the condition of the “humanitarian break” is the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers on the spot, said the Russian Ministry of Defense.

War in Ukraine: Russia to prevent civilians from escaping to Mariupol steelworks

+++ 11:00: Ukraine has accused Russian troops of preventing civilians from leaving the besieged steel plant in Mariupol. “The Russians are afraid to attack Azovstal, but they deliberately and cynically do not let civilians out,” Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk told the Telegram news channel on Friday. This should increase the pressure on the remaining Ukrainian soldiers in the race to surrender. According to Vereščuk, the defenders of the power plant and Mariupol do not want to give up.

Ukrainian war in Mariupol: An attack on the steel plant would probably cause losses for Russia

+++ 9:00: According to the British Ministry of Defense, a storm in the Azowstal steelworks would result in very high losses for Russia. Putin’s decision to block the power plant reflects the Kremlin’s desire to break the resistance in Mariupol. In addition, the soldiers stationed there want to be used for attacks in other areas.

Update from Friday, April 22 7:00: Russian troops are said to have buried up to 9,000 inhabitants of the combat city of Mariupol in mass graves in the city of Manhush, about 20 kilometers away. Mayor Vadym Boychenko accused Russia of genocide and called on the international community to act, Mariupol City Council said in a telegram.

Mass graves near Mariupol: Mayor talks about “new Babyn Yar”

Boytschenko recalled the massacre of about 34,000 Jews in Kiev during World War II and spoke of a “new Babyn Yar”. “At that time, Hitler was killing Jews, Roma and Slavs. And now Putin is crushing Ukrainians. He has already killed tens of thousands of civilians in Mariupol, “said Boychenko, quoted by the city council. “It requires a decisive response from around the world.” We must stop this genocide by all possible means. “

Ukrainian War: Selensky does not consider Mariupol lost – “Decisive battle is approaching”

+++ 18:35: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not yet consider the port city of Mariupol, which, according to the Kremlin, now controls Russia, to be completely lost. “The situation is difficult, the situation is bad,” said the head of state in Kiev on Thursday, according to reporters from local media. There are several ways to liberate the city.

“We need to prepare for the military journey and we are preparing,” Zelenskyj said. This requires the help of Western partners. “It’s hard for us, we need the right weapons, but let’s think about it,” he said. Another way is diplomatic, humanitarian.

Ukrainian war: Putin declares Mariupol “liberated” – no “escapes”

+++ 16:48: After almost two months of siege, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the “liberation” of the strategically important Ukrainian port city of Mariupol – but at the same time admitted that the steel plant with the last Ukrainian defenders was still not under Russian control. On Thursday, Putin ordered the power plant to be surrounded – so tightly that “not even a fly can get out.”

Ukrainian war: Russia declares Mariupol “liberated”

+++ 15:15: Russia’s military leadership is certain: “Mariupol, which was the site of the gathering of nationalist groups, is free,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to Interfax. The “special operation” is going according to plan. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has previously informed Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin that the port city is under Russian control.

Ukrainian war in Mariupol: Russia will not attack the steelworks in Mariupol

+++ 13:30: The conquest of the Ukrainian port of Mariupol has always been of great strategic importance to Russia. The most important thing for Russian President Vladimir Putin was to create a land bridge between the eastern part of the Donbas and the annexed Crimean Peninsula. But now Putin has decided not to end the conquest. Rather, he tries to starve the remaining Ukrainian fighters.

According to British General Richard Barrons, it is also clear why Putin made this decision. It would be “really difficult” for Russia to defeat the troops hidden in the Azovstal steelworks without “huge losses on both sides”. Barrons emphasized to the BBC that the battle for the factory was no longer really relevant to who controlled Mariupol. Above all, the announcement of the victory should show its own people that Russia will wage a successful fight on the eve of Russian Orthodox Easter. “And it allows the military not to spend too many resources on …