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A firefighter is killed when the ceiling collapses in a Brooklyn house fire

A firefighter was killed and five other firefighters were injured after clearing the ceiling during a fire in a Brooklyn house on Sunday, a firefighter said.

The firefighter, who died, Timothy Klein, 31, worked for the fire department for six years, Mayor Eric Adams told a news conference at Brookdale Hospital on Sunday night.

Mr. Klein died when the second floor of the house was engulfed in flames and the ceiling collapsed, firefighters said.

“It is a great pain and grief for us to announce that New York City has lost one of its bravest, Timothy Klein,” Mr Adams told a news conference at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn.

Mr Adams said the injuries of the five firefighters were not considered life-threatening. Officials were also looking for a person who remained missing on the spot.

Firefighters said they were called at 10826 Avenue N in Canarsie around 1:40 p.m. and found a private house with a roof on fire. At 2:15 p.m., the fire was sounded for the third alarm and more than 100 firefighters were drawn into the fight against the fire.

Timothy KleinCredit … New York City Fire Department

Mr. Klein’s father was a firefighter, and other relatives worked for the firefighters, Mr. Adams said, adding that in 2019, Mr. Klein spoke at the funeral of another firefighter, Steven H. Pollard.

On Sunday, Mr. Klein was on the second floor of the house with three other firefighters when the floor was engulfed in flames, firefighters said. The other firefighters jumped out of the windows or down the ladders, but Mr. Klein was no longer able to get out. Other firefighters tried to reach him, but could not get to him in time, the firefighters said.

Laura Kavanagh, the city’s acting fire commissioner, mourned his death at a news conference with the mayor.

“I can’t describe FDNY’s grief today for losing a member who does what our members do best – putting their lives on the line to save others,” she said.

Firefighter Jesse Gerhard died earlier this year, the day after the fire in Queens. He suffered a medical episode in his fire station after helping evacuate a three-story house that was engulfed in flames.

In January, the worst fire in New York in three decades killed 17 people in the Bronx, including eight children. The fire caused a heater and quickly filled the 19-story building with smoke.